UEW Syntax class first term 2022

Class schedule

Date Topic Lecturer Slides
July 28 Introduction, Minimalism, Merge, VP & vP Dr. Johannes Mursell slides1
August 04 The TP: Tense, Aspect, Negation, Agreement, Head Movement, Subject movement and A-movement, Anaphora and Binding Dr. Anke Himmelreich slides2, solutions for summary session 1
August 11 The CP: Questions vs. declaratives, wh-movement and A-bar movement, Long-distance movement and islands Daniel Aremu, M.A. slides3, solutions for summary session 2
August 18 Topic vs. Focus, Cross-linguistics differences, The fine structure of the CP Prof. Dr. Katharina Hartmann slides4


The exam is a 60 minute written test about the parts 1-3.

Date of the exam: August 18, 7am-8am (right before the final lecture).

The exam questions will be multiple choice questions and questions to apply the knowledge to your own Ghanaian languages.


Adger, David (2003). Core Syntax. Oxford: OUP

Doing a PhD in Germany

Prof. Hartmann put together a presentation on "Doing a PhD in Germany".

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